Why Custom Jeep Tops ?CustomJeepTops.com, is a company, formed by a frustrated JEEP owner, who was tired of continually changing tops and never really having the comfort of knowing what the right top was for the day. First, from Hard to convertible, then back and forth between Bikini and Soft Top,  It was a pain, always trying to find the right combination for the right weather conditions and always looking to get the outdoor, open feel, we all craved when we bought our JEEP’s.

Well, we think we found it. A pretty good solution anyway. It looks great and gives you the open air feel we all want and it protects against the elements for most weather conditions, even a sudden heavy down pour.

I was the first customer, (that’s my jeep on the cover page), to try it and I was pleasantly surprised on how well it worked.  I was able to keep the same top on all summer. Yes, all summer without even one single top change.  It certainly didn’t block out 100 % of the weather but it was damn close.  Anyway it’s a JEEP, remove the drain plugs and move on. 

I enjoy it every day and it gave me all of the things I bought my first Jeep for, 25 long years ago, freedom. 

In the meantime, try our new BIKINI TOP with FRONT Sun Tile only or FRONT and REAR Sun Tiles..

Combine it with a Bestop Rear Dust Cover and you will love the freedom it gives you, not to mention you’ll have the coolest JEEP in town. Add the Bestop Wind Jammer  for added weather protection.

..                                                                                      HAVE FUN !